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Somewhere to start

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of an old typewriter my Aunt gave me and writing a story about a girl named Jessie and her horses. No idea whatever happened to the sweet awful thing that it ended up being.

I also have these (now) fond memories of middle school, jr. high, and high school- sitting in class, notebook open with pen in hand. I paid some attention to whatever lessons were going on, but I was ALWAYS writing. It actually makes me sad that I no longer have any of those notebooks - whether they were lost in my parent's divorce/move once I moved out if I burned them on a bad day or just simply threw them away.

Cause high school was a very dramatic time.

crime scene tape over a roadway.
Future Mystery Writer at your service.

I've participated in NaNoWriMo six times over the last decade, completed it twice but had many different stories evolve from there. One of them even saw an editor through a couple of revisions and maybe one day, I'll go back and rework it a little bit and try to make something of it. That was my high fantasy, also a series fully mapped out. I have notes scattered all over the place still for this. But now I've made the leap from fantasy to mysteries- because while I'm a big Anne Bishop, Robert Jordan, and Anne Rice fan, I've always loved mysteries. I have a huge Mary Higgins Clark collection, but not nearly enough. And one of the first things I ever found myself clinging to were novels from Agatha Christie.

Something I plan on using this blog for is to give you insight into my writing, my characters, and snippets of things here and there. Not necessarily an author website but also not a blog I'm putting any extra pressure on myself to make at this point. As a small business owner of a business that has a knack for not running smoothly, the plan is not to add to the daily stressors. But the long-term goal is to be good about it. You'll just have to give me some grace and patience.

Marissa Ambrose, the protagonist of the series I've constructed in my head, has been a character I have had for 15(ish?) years now. She has grown with me, taken many ups and downs, and taken a couple of different paths. Now there is a solid plan- 4 novels currently mapped out. I'm excited to see where it leads.

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